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Three differnet case studies were used to validate PREMANUS concept and architecture: - CRF: intelligent automotive remanufacturing - SKF: remote predictive cost estimation - Remedia: customizable waste recycling services In the case of CRF, PREMANUS will help us increase the quality of incoming cores and optimize operations at the workshop level. This will reduce the stock of low-quality cores, saving on sourcing and warehousing activities. At the workshop level, insights into the engine quality will lead to better forecasting of operational activities, saving time, resources and spares, enabling better scheduling and improving our major plant KPIs. In the case of SKF The maintenance and remanufacturing of wind turbine components are traditionally reactive. Large components, such as the gearbox and generator, are made by different manufacturers, and are prime targets for independent remanufacturing. As these assets wear out or fail, big decisions have to be taken: if, when, and how to remanufacture. Accurate and timely cost forecasting is important for many business functions and strategies, such as quoting both service and buy-back reman customers, or deciding whether to reman to stock. In the case of Remedia PREMANUS helps us provide an integrated and effective service to our clients and partners. PREMANUS enhances Remedia’s waste collection scheme management service, by analysing all of the potential recycling solutions in terms of cost and environmental impact.
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