Augmented Reality (AR) to support the integration of people with disabilities in the production line


AnAR system to support people with disabilities (in LANTEGI BATUAK) in assembly processes, has been developed by VICOMTECH, with relies on several different interaction modules to provide adaptation of the content to different technologies and disabilities. These modules can work independently or be configured to work together. The main features developed include:

  • Semiautomatic creation of instructions
  • Interactive editing of visualization layout
  • Content includes images, 3D models, videos, text, audio, icons, progress indicators, validation indicators
  • Voice input and output
  • Adaptation of visualizations to user profile


Authoring features are available in a web interface and accessible by any device and platform with a web browser. The objective of the authoring tool is to facilitate the process of data ingestion and customization of AR instructions. Hence, the tool itself can be customized to ingest data-specific to the company and automatically translate it into AR instructions. The goal is to reduce the complexity that exists in current market applications and focus on the user experience and processes.  

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Country: ES
Address: San Sebastian