KOL’s Real-time injection moulding process monitoring-control


Kolektor (KOL) is known as the world's largest manufacturer of commutators, the second largest European manufacturer of slip rings and the second largest European manufacturer of plastic-bonded magnetic products. Injection moulding is enabling technology for production of all these parts. The scope of this pilot project will be a production line where Kolektor produces one type of products. The aim of this pilot is to detect, possibly predict, and remove the cause of the process failure as soon as possible, ideally in real-time.

In the process of real-time process monitoring, we are planning to:
(i) Collect moulding process parameters;
(ii) Monitor environmental parameters;
(iii) Inspect moulding tool and moulded parts;
(iv) Introduce AQ control loops at the operational level.

Based on the collected data and by applying control loops, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence methods we will better understand the moulding process and will be able to detect anomalies and failures as soon as possible. Because of the geometry of a moulding tool and number of cavities, it is not possible to inspect all cavities at once. Therefore, we are planning to use robots to perform complex moves required for inspection. We would like to study if it is possible to automate the removal of root cause of the bad parts being produced (like cleaning the cavity with dry ice).

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