D7.2 Detailed Pilot Specifications and Pilot Sites Preparation


This document gives overview of all Pilots regarding specifications and preparations. The pilots have got a central location in the Qu4lity project. It is area where requirements, architecture, knowledge regarding ZDM have to show their real potential. By implementing the needed items to fulfil the needs within the Pilots.

The QU4LITY project demonstrates its data-driven ZDM product and related services in a combination of five strategic ZDM plug & control lighthouse equipment pilots

  • Pilot #9: GHI Real-time cognitive hot stamping furnace 4.0
  • Pilot #11: PRIMA Additive Manufacturing Pilot Adaptive Control Technology
  • Pilot #12: Danobat Digital Machine for zero-defects at high precision cutting/grinding
  • Pilot #13: FAGOR Zero-Defects Manufacturing Digital Press Machine
  • Pilot #14: GF Digital machine and part twins for zero defect manufacturing

as well as nine production lighthouse facility pilots.

  • Pilot #1: PHILIPS OneBlade shaving unit production line
  • Pilot #2: SIEMENS SIMATIC Products Quality Improvements
  • Pilot #3: CONTI Autonomous Quality in PCB Production for Future Mobility
  • Pilot #4: WHR Dryer Factory Holistic Quality Platform
  • Pilot #5: MONDRAGON Zero defect and Autonomous Quality in Machinery Building for Capital Goods sector
  • Pilot #6: KOL’s Real-time injection moulding process monitoring-control
  • Pilot #7: THYS Quality Management of Steering Gear based on Acoustic control
  • Pilot #8: AIRBUS Trade space framework for Autonomous Quality Manufacturing Systems’ Design
  • Pilot #10: RiaStone Autonomous Quality ZDM for “Ceramic tableware Single-firing

Besides global planning, agreed way of working, for each pilot relevant information is summarized in this document:

  • General description of each pilot
  • Involved partners per pilot
  • Current state
  • Future state
  • Detailed plan
  • Expected results
  • Preparatory results
Structured mapping