SIEMENS SIMATIC Products Quality Improvements


At Amberg, Siemens’ Digital Factory Division is manufacturing its SIMATIC products. Core of the manufacturing process is the production of the circuit boards, which are later on assembled with the housing parts to form the final product.
The overall objective is the introduction of AQ control loops for testing improvement and thus for overall production efficiency, while at the same time further raising the quality rate of finished products. This shall be achieved by implementing a closed control loop approach via the deep analysis of process data and the implementation of digital twins for products and production. Data from control loops throughout the manufacturing lines are to be collected and analysed via data mining and machine learning techniques, allowing to systematically identifying faulty products and the respective failure causes, providing the base for the intended improvements. By means of quality forecasting and simulation, (production) control decisions shall be derived at an early stage if quality deviations occur, thus avoiding further added value in ok products.

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Country: DE
Address: Werner-von-Siemens-Stra├če 48-52, Amberg 92224

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