Pilot - AIRBUS Trade space framework for Autonomous Quality Manufacturing Systems’ Design


During the early phase of an aircraft program, Industrial Architects are evaluating different industrial scenarios and trade-offs. Interesting findings, include:

(1) Manufacturing Processes are not enough agile and not enough flexible in order to answer to the complex and competitive environment and to the incessant changesneeded concerning both the performance (need to improve the ramp-up) and the product (change of MSN) on the assembly lines;

(2) Engineering, Manufacturing & support processes are still considered in a sequential approach. For solving part of the problems, Product Line and Co-design concepts needs to be tackled. A Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach where the Industrial System is seen as a System like any other (in parallel of the Aircraft) will allow to structure and optimise the development of Industrial System and to perform trade-offs efficiently.

Model based System Engineering, Trade Space exploration and Multi Skill optimization are common capabilities in Engineering Systems; often in the context of “Design to Aircraft Performance”. The Engineering process and the Digital solutions are not enough supporting Design to Manufacturing Value.

This leads to late design loops, rework and the end extra costs for Airbus and for the customers.

The use case involves multiple engineering options and sites and at least one Airbus supplier; keeping in mind the need to deploy the solution at a large scale and at a low cost for Airbus and the suppliers.

The pilot will demonstrate applicability of the approach to design an industrial system at high level (Supplier network, Factories, Machines and processes) for near Zero-Defect Manufacturing. By taking the Industrial System as a whole, Autonomous Quality control loops will be integrated at the pertinent points. Also, the easy reconfiguration of manufacturing process will be compliant with AQ concepts. AQ for ZDM will also ensure to keep the right quality level as a target. Case focus aero structure design –with composite or metallic machining and assembly process using robots or humans.

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