RiaStone Autonomous Quality ZDM for “Ceramic tableware Single-firing”


RiaStone (RST) is part of “Visabeira Industria” a sub-holding of the “Visabeira Group” conglomerate. RST manufactures the IKEA worldwide supply of “Dinera”, “Fargrik” and “Flitighet” tableware families, being these products fabricated through an innovative Industrial ceramics production process: tableware automated single firing. RST needs to improve its Overall Production Effectiveness (OPE) KPI; from ~92%, to the improvement goal of reaching OPE 99%. This requires new approaches to production, promoting better and innovative defect management and production control methods, consistent with the integration of ZDM processes, namely in-line inspection technologies, and integration of tools for autonomous, automatic, smart system decision making.

In order to achieve the required improvement goals, RST will apply a systems-level strategy consisting in the integration of new inline inspections systems and QA control loops into the current production line. In parallel new in-line automation components will be implemented that will automatically remove detected defective parts from the production lines; enabling the introduction of recycling and re-using of raw materials into the production line for a new defect-free production cycle.

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Country: PT

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