Danobat Digital Machine for zero-defects at high precision cutting/grinding

Danobat Digital Machine for zero-defects at high precision cutting/grinding

Danobat, is a benchmark manufacturer of high value-added solutions in the field of grinding. Danobat develops, in close collaboration with its customers, turnkey solutions for specific applications in the following sectors: aerospace, railway, automotive, energy, oil and gas, and metal forming. Machine condition monitoring and data analytics are the foundation of Danobat and Ideko ́s approach for ZDM at machining level.

Danobat desings, develops and provides grinding and turning machines, as well as turn key complete manufacturing lines for high added value parts in the above mentioned sectors. The new digital factory environment has driven new developments and technological offer in the areas of Smart HMI, Danobat Data System and the Control System for integral automation of manufacturing lines. 

The pilot of Danobat ZDM grinding machine will use grinding machine operational data to relate machine-use with evolution of machine components condition. The analytics and the applied control loops on ZDM grinding machine will be based on combination continuous data and test conditions.

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Country: ES
Address: Arriaga 2, Elgoibar 20870

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    The objective of the pilot is to enable smart machines with autonomous diagnosis based on machine condition monitoring.


      The machines (OT) are connected to intelligence in the Edge and Cloud (IT) for generation of Zero Defect Manufacturing functions


        Operators are connected to the smart funcions the receive valuable information related to components condition that allow them to take decisions related to machine and process. Maintenance technitians and specialized engineers from the machine tool provider can also be included in the process.


      The gathering of data from the machines during their lifetime allows  the generation of valuable information for the improvement, not only of the actual machine and process, but also the future machines and smart functions that are continously improved through data based engineering and design. 

Danobat Digital Machine for zero-defects at high precision cutting/grinding
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