Danobat Digital Machine for zero-defects at high precision cutting/grinding


ZDM strategy in High Precision Machining in Danobat HG--LG external cylindrical horizontal grinding machine is based on a fully sensorized machine in its critical components. Machine condition monitoring and data analytics will be the foundation of Danobat and Ideko ́s approach for ZDM at machining level.

In grinding machines, the rotating spindles and machine axis condition monitoring are the main concerns regarding ZDM. The main problems in spindles are rotor unbalance, rotor misalignment, motor electrical problems, front bearing damage, rear bearing damage, motor demagnetization and geometric accuracy. Regarding machine axes condition, guideways (stick-slip and friction) and servo drives mechanic chains (ball screw, power transmission, backlash, electrical problems) face condition issues that have impact on the machining process and consequently on quality of work pieces.

The pilot of Danobat ZDM grinding machine will use grinding machine operational data to relate machine-use with evolution of machine components condition. The analytics and the applied AQ control loops on ZDM grinding machine will be based on combination of load distribution map for different time-periods and for different part programs, a positioning distribution map and a rotating speed and feed rate (load vs. speed ranges maps) map.

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Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing
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