GF Digital machine and part twins for zero defect manufacturing


Current barriers to high accuracy in manufacturing in multi-technology and automated cells are related to limitations in data aggregation to either machining processes or machine health scopes. Zero defect manufacturing in these systems will be therefore possible by taking into account in the planning stage how the machine mechanics evolve towards states where deviations are more likely to occur, where failures might damage the part or the machine, or where uncertainties are introduced by maintenance, repairing or any other uncontrolled factor in the chain.

The pilot will address the challenge by setting up a first digital system for detecting, diagnosing, and fully compensating deviations on accuracy, productivity and sustainability of a machining cell based on the aggregation of information from milling and EDM machinery health, process performance and geometrical part characterisation, using AQ control loops and a common data space for making possible a realistic information integration from different types of hardware & software coexisting at different end-users factories, and targeting fully automated, zero defect manufacturing.

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Country: CH

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