FAGOR Zero-Defects Manufacturing Digital Press Machine


FAGOR has a long experience in delivering manufacturing lines (machine-tools & the whole automation solution) as well as providing the building blocks of such lines (press machines). Press machine is the product par excellence of FAGOR. A press machine is composed by 2 rigid platforms (head and base), a bed, a ram, a mechanism and other surrounding components that guarantee the full automation and process control (temperature, pressure, etc.).

The pilot proposed in QU4LITY project is framed within the process of continuous improvement of FAGOR R&D strategy. The development of this project will allow FAGOR to offer to its customers a more accuracy, competitive and productive press machines that can take part in a production line. All the improvements performed at press machine level will directly improve the production line where it is integrated with. The development of this project will facilitate the increase of the level of sales. The technological development together with the quality, constitute the great bet of FAGOR to achieve its objective of customer satisfaction.

The objective of this project is to reach zero defects manufacturing process collecting press machine critical parameters and identifying exactly the process developed in the manufacturing of pieces. Traditional zero defects approaches propose the analysis of such parameters isolated from the rest of the process where the machine is integrated. Whereas these approaches try to maximize the efficiency of the process by maximizing the efficiency of the parts, it fails to maximize the efficiency of the overall system. Such process has a great complexity from the point of view of the acquisition, measurement and transmission of the parameters and variables. In addition to that, the integration of the data from other parts of the system at machine level should be valuable.

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Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing
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