WHR Dryer Factory Holistic Quality Platform


Whirlpool is opening a green field plant in Lodz/Poland. The white good that will be produced there is Dryer. Digitalizing the Factory, we want to reach a holistic approach to ZDM considering the full product lifecycle: from Product Design to Customer Service, cycling back to Product Design.

The pilot will leverage the outcomes of a previous research project (NMBP FP7 GRACE) and will integrate the QU4LITYdigital enablers and platforms (through the APIs) and the AQ control loops. The main innovation will be represented by the introduction in production of MPFQ model fused with AQ control loops: Functional Integration and Correlation between Material, Quality, Process and Appliance Functions.

This innovative way to control quality and model data inherent to quality will be the fundamental approach that will lead to the vision of holistic Quality system.

In addition, it will be deployed AQ reference implementations to address unresolved problems in the vertical integration of data management (from data gathering to visualization and decision-making), enabling a holistic vision to be achieved.

The production process to build a Clothes Dryer comprises many stages; combination of automatic equipment and manual operation and all along the production process several Quality Stations are installed to perform gauge, to detect defective parts, filter them out or repair them. The main stages of the production process (Drum Line, Heat Pump, Side Fabrication, Main Assembly, Functional Test, ZHQ Area and Reliability Test) will be equipped with a Quality Gate, i.e. station to perform gauges and pass/fail test on product as well as Process monitoring means (OEE, SPC, Andon).

All these data sources will be integrated in the experiment, providing a comprehensive view of the production process.

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