Video - How I-MECH can offer you smart mechatronic solutions

Video - How I-MECH can offer you smart mechatronic solutions

Mechatronic systems face rapidly increasing requirements on size, motion speed, precision, adaptability, self-diagnostics, interconnectivity, cognitive features, etc. Fulfillment of these requirements is essential for building smart, safe and reliable production System-of-Systems. This implies completely new demands for (motion) control systems, which cannot be routinely handled by available commercial products. This observation motivates the main mission of this ECSEL JU project, to bring novel intelligence into Instrumentation and Control Layers by bridging the gap between latest research results and industrial practice. It becomes available through the I-MECH Center: A ready to use virtual design space that is accessible online anywhere in Europe.

Through this portal, I-MECH members can instantly use a platform for composing tailored solutions for non-standard applications. They can choose from different reference designs and integrate building blocks like e.g. iterative learning or high-speed vision. A model based engineering approach reassures early conception of the systems physics, which significantly reduces surprises during the integration phase. Members of the I-MECH Center can use the virtual warehouse to order all necessary components. They do not need to bother about Supply Chain Management, but can focus on their core activity!

Video - How I-MECH can offer you smart mechatronic solutions
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