Pilot - Mechatronics and electronics


This pilot will demonstrate that the DigiPrime platform can improve the performance of the current business case targeting the remanufacturing and re-use of complex mechatronics and electronics components for aftermarket applications with a cross-sectorial approach linking the e-mobility and the smart machining systems sectors, specifically focusing on breaking systems, e-drives and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). The business case will entail the following process steps:

Disassembly of the modules exploiting product information, testing and characterization of the components conditions depending on gathered use phase data, selection of re-usable modules, substitution of non-re-usable modules, remanufacturing for function restore (cleaning, machining, inspection, painting/coating), re-assembly and performance certification. Four use cases will be explicitly demonstrated within this pilot, connecting the targeted sectors with different input-output links.

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