Dexterous gripper consumer goods

Dexterous gripper consumer goods
Currently in robotic assembly cell for flexible manufacturing, there still remain many unsolved issues for robots. One is that the robot cannot work efficiently in dealing with assembly parts with complicated shapes. To solve this task, it is essential that the conventional robotic manipulator is able to perform complicated manipulation like human worker does. Thus, to meet industrial application requirements, the robotic hands must be inexpensive, compact, low weight and robust. The goals of Dexterous Gripper are Inspired by human being’s hands, it is better the traditional parallel jaw like gripper which can do the twist action by sliding one fingertip on the surface of another finger. It is easier to do so if a complete human-sized anthropomorphic robotic hand is built. It is difficult to apply this technology on hand shape like robotic hands, but it is relatively easier to make a jaw shape like robotic gripper to do so but only if it is equipped with additional movement freedom. Therefore, it is important to design a robotic gripper not only reserve the simplicity of jaw like gripper but also keep some feature like dexterous manipulation. One key issue in designing such a gripper is how to guarantee a constant and reliable twisting movement by the two fingers without dropping the gripped assembly parts. Solution concept A typical twisting and re-positioning gripper (just half is shown) is driven by four motors (two DC motors and two linear DC motors). The functions of these motors are shown in Table II. Compare with the conventional gripper, this 4-DOF twisting and re-positioning gripper can not only do open and close for positioning, but also do twisting for effective assemble cylindrical parts). Twisting and re-positioning gripper is suitable for almost every diameter of the cylindrical shaped electronic assembly parts by adjusting the distance between its outer fingers. The inner fingers, driven by the linear motors, can slide on the track inside the outer fingers. Motor can adjust the contact point upon the object and guarantee a constant gripping force applied on the assembly parts. It provides sufficient friction force with which the cylinder assembly parts can be twisted by two inner gripper fingers.
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Dexterous gripper consumer goods
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