AGV with autonomous Navigation system

AGV with autonomous Navigation system
Autonomous mobile manipulators allow to provide mobility and flexibility of the production lines. This is interesting in particular to provide flexibility to production shopfloors, assembly lines, supplying/logistic means, etc. This technology and exploitable result can have impact in the automation of intra-logistics of a production plant: Either as a direct application of the project results: providing mobility to an industrial manipulator, and thus allowing strong flexibility of the factory layout, easy reconfiguration and reduction of the infrastructure initial costs. Or as a spin-off exploitation, to provide omnidirectional autonomous navigation as a new feature for industrial AGV. The solution developed in this project: Autonomous navigation is provided to platform without any modification to the infrastructure: the mobile platform has sensors that allows it to perceive the environment, generate a map, locate itself, generate a desired path to reach a target destination, detect and avoid obstacles and thus, as a consequence move safely in complete autonomy in the shopfloor.
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AGV with autonomous Navigation system
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