Integration plan – Identified tools and methods for integration support

The D7.1 “Integration Plan – Identified tools and methods for integration Support” is a public document delivered in the context of WP7, Task 7.1: Specification of the Integration Process and Integration Framework. Task 7.1 aims at the definition of a methodology and environment to support the entire integration process offering a framework, guidelines and best practices in order to establish a cohesive connection with all the people/roles involved in the integration process of KAP project. The integration is a complex activity that should be supported by methodological guidelines and a technical environment, and then the document describes how the different aspects of the integration will be implemented in the KAP project. The purpose of this document is to describe how the Integration process will be done. How a plan based in OpenUP (Unified Process) methodology, more concretely its Iterative and incremental development model, is applied in KAP project; and also exposed the technical details for the architecture, components to develop and supporting tools. The document offers a perspective based on phases of the lifecycle (Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition). This document has been elaborated by the main partners involved in the Integration aspects (WP7). During the iterations of the integration process, WP leaders for WP5 Real-Time Event Monitoring, WP6 Architecture for Distributed Complex Event Processing and both WP8 and WP9 focused for Automotive and semiconductor industries will actively contribute, either directly or indirectly through the specification of components and refining use cases of scenarios. This document presents the current overview of the integration process based on initial specifications for the scenarios; therefore for each iteration or prototype, some requirements may be added depending on the evolution of the integration, and in parallel the solutions needed to address them. If this occurs the integration process will be adapted, especially, the integration work-plan will be refined according to the status of the implementation.
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