First Integrated Prototype

The D7.2 “First Integrated Prototype” is a restricted document delivered in the context of WP7, Task 7.2: Integration of Sensors, Actuators and Components for Integration, with regard to integration support subsystem inside KAP architecture. This document is about the first integration solution prototype subsystem and covers the identification, design, development and integration of sensors, devices and data sources located in the shop-floors within the KAP architecture. A methodology approach used in producing first integration prototype specification is based on four baseline scenarios defined by industrial partners, two in the context of semiconductors detailed in D9.1, and two more in the context of Automotive specify in D8.1: - Infineon: Novellus ECD Advanced Process Monitoring Use case. - Intel: Product testing area optimisation Use case. - Nissan: Optimization picking area Use case. - Volvo: MD16 Cylinder Head Line Use case. This document goes with the first integration solution prototype that provides not only a functional or application-oriented solution but also extra code that persists at runtime in order to allow seamless integration of sensors, embedded systems, devices and other data sources with software applications along with their interfaces providing interoperability and allowing the capture of data. These features must be covered by a lean and scalable middleware solution, flexible and easily adaptable to the different use case scenarios. The solution is based on the detailed architecture described by WP6 and WP5 plus the specification from task 7.1.
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