Business Case 3: Aircraft Manufacturer

Business Case 3: Aircraft Manufacturer
Expected impact In the aerospace Industry, decisions such as making aircraft wings of metallic or composite material need to be considered at an early stage in the product life-cycle. The recent step into composite aircraft is based on the performance advantages that can be achieved. For instance, it reduces significantly the weight and therefore lowers the fuel consumption. However, it has created a disruption requiring the generation of know-how not only at the design stage but across the lifecycle of the product. Within EPES, EADS is focused on the assessment of productivity and sustainability KPIs on wing designs defined at the conceptual stage. At this point on the aircraft lifecycle, several designs are evaluated using a multidisciplinary optimisation approach. One of the disciplines involved in this process is manufacturing. Apart from the design for manufacturing evaluations made to qualify a design for the available manufacturing, productivity is also taken into account as an input to wing cost. In this assessment, discrete event simulation is a powerful tool to predict the performance of the potential manufacturing system that will produce the aircraft wing.
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Business Case 3: Aircraft Manufacturer
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