Data Management System

Data Management System

The Data Management System (DMS) is an advanced Industrial IoT (IIoT) software module designed to facilitate communication between various IT modules, manage large volumes of data, and monitor machinery and industrial assets. It consists of an IIoT data-sharing infrastructure enabling automatic data collection, data integration for 4.0 frameworks (such as AI, analytics, digital twin) using interoperability methods, and communication among more software & hardware modules. Laying its foundations on a microservices-based architecture, it performs big-data management by providing capabilities for edge-based processing, long term time-based data storage and data streaming to support reactive data processing and application integration, ensuring the proper level of security.

It enables remote data management solutions both cloud-based and on-premises. The system meets requirements and needs of the Industry, aiming at achieving a seamless integration of data as valuable information for diagnostics and prognostics, also functional to ZDM and quality 4.0.

The DMS is versatile, capable of operating as a standalone product, or as a module integrated into more complex platforms such as DQM Core or i-Live Machine from Holonix. It addresses a significant gap in the market, especially for SMEs, across various industry segments such as automotive, energy, aerospace, and robotics, but also machinery, manufacturing of customized microtubes and dental technology.

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