DQM Core

DQM Core

DQM Core consists of an IIoT hardware & software platform designed for industrial environments with set of features providing a secure foundation for managing software, data, and devices. The Edge Hosting module allows to run multiple applications in the form of docker containers and virtual machines side-by-side on a certified industrial hardware at the edge and manage them remotely from the cloud. Data Service module supports the creation of analytics and visualization applications with moving data between sensors and the cloud. Remote Service module enables remotely connection to workloads and devices in the field. Soft PLC module can be used to run machine control workloads on the industrial hardware and access fieldbus-level sensors and actuators. Cloud Data Management layer enables communication between different IT modules, big-data management (long term time-based data storage, data streaming platform, data interoperability, metadata, and annotation), monitoring of machinery and industrial assets. The add-on Cloud Blockchain component can submit transactions to the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet with the purpose of storing the hash of machine and process data, ensuring the existence of proof for data protection.

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Country: IT
Address: Corso Italia 8, Meda 20821
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