Self-Adaptive Chill-Vent

Self-Adaptive Chill-Vent
The Chill-Vent is an innovative device with two different sections, one for the 1st phase and the other for the 2nd phase of the injection process. The two positions will be self-adapted according to the inputs received from parameters and sensors. The main advantage of this technology is an optimized extraction of the air from the die cavity without application of vacuum. The result will be the improvement of air extraction in comparison with standard Chill-Vents and easiness, robustness and maintenance in comparison with vacuum valves. The final customers should be die casters and mould makers. The Self-Adaptive Chill-Vent will be ready for commercialization by end of 2017 or starting 2018 and Electronics, as MUSIC Project partner and owner of the patentDE102007054520 (B4), will be the preference partner.
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Country: SPAIN
Address: FUNDACIO EURECAT - Barcelona