Gullon factory demonstrator

Gullon factory demonstrator
Cookies Gullón is a Spanish company dedicated to the food industry, mainly in the manufacture of biscuits. Founded in Aguilar de Campo (Palencia) in 1892, is the leading Spanish cookies manufacturer, with an annual production of 102 tn and a turnover of 197.8 million euros in 2011. Gullón has two production factories in Aguilar de Campo, the second and more modern, located along Highway Cantabria-plateau and inaugurated in 2003, the largest biscuit factory in Spain, and also the largest surface in Europe and one of the most modern. This factory has been growing with the construction in 2010 of a new plant, that have expanded the number of available production lines. Since its foundation the company has shown great interest in improving their processes and technological innovation, in fact have the most modern and automated facilities in Europe.
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Country: SPAIN
Address: Aguilar de Campoo
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Gullon factory demonstrator
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