High-performance plastics for laser direct structuring (LDS)

Production of 3D micro parts by laser direct structuring requires plastic materials with well-defined material properties. To meet the thermal requirements in MID processes, high temperature polymers as PPA, LCP and PEEK are chosen. These polymers are suitable for lead-free soldering processes. By incorporation of special fillers and additives, thermal expansion of the carrier material is reduced. At the same time adhesion of metal lines after laser direct structuring is enhanced leading to higher reliability of the MID. By development of the new thermoplastic compounds named TECACOMP® LDS (brand of Ensinger) within the 3D-HiPMAS project it is now possible to manufacture ultra-fine structured micro-parts with pitches of 70 micron and below. Fine-pitch capability was achieved by realizing a fine and homogeneous morphology in the polymer material. Edge and surface roughness was significantly reduced compared to state of the art LDS plastics. For applications with high requirements on thermal management e.g. LED or high power electronics, special plastic materials with enhanced thermal conductivity have been developed. With thermal conductivity 5-10 times higher than conventional plastics, the new materials can play an important role in functional integration of electronic components.
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