Augmented Reality software for user assistance in a manufacturing work cell

Augmented Reality software for user assistance in a manufacturing work cell

Augmented Reality technologies will be used for providing two services, exploiting the wealth of the monitoring information as well as HORSE systems’ intelligence:

i) To assist human agents about tasks they are executing (e.g. next tasks), with superimposed information about potential dangers that are estimated by the various safety technologies,

ii) to assist the inspection tasks and provide status and alert information over a portable device by superimposing this information on the scene in efficient and user friendly manner. In this case the inspector will get a “snapshot” of the condition of the shopfloor actors especially concerning safety aspects for instance an upcoming mechanical failure of a robot, or an approaching risk for a worker.

Assistance provided must be as intuitive, as immersive as can be; non-obtrusive, non-invasive and provided on-demand. It is aimed that the assistance reduces the strain on the worker.

Assistances to the worker will be provided using head mounted displays (HMD) such as Google glass which provide the opportunity to be comfortably integrated into the work space with the maximum safety and targeting the best efficiency.

The selected HMD will be assessed in a manufacturing application to ensure that worker can continue to work normally while getting support by AR. The assessment will also address evaluating the way the operators appreciate the device and the technical efficiency (resolution, field of view, integration within specific tasks) of the displays. The goal of this task is a module that can be optimized for in the implementation in the several use cases.

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Demonstration level: Level 4 - Basic prototype validated in laboratory environment