WFM middleware and related auxiliary modules

WFM middleware and related auxiliary modules

The Work Floor Manager is the central platform for communication with and management of the networked platforms and devices directly involved in the realisation of the work lists. This platform will host a number of components related to various aspects of business process planning and modelling, real time assessment of safety risks, persistent storage for system resources etc. the integration of these modules requires the adoption of a middleware platform and the implementation of a number of auxiliary modules for realisation of specific project’s requirements. The OSGi technology offers a lightweight component framework providing dynamic life cycle support and thus allowing the addition, removal and update of software modules without interrupting the work of the other components. ProSyst will provide its device management platform (ProSyst mPower Remote Manager) itself implementing the OSGi technology and capable of managing a vast number of networked devices of various types. ProSyst will customise its product for the needs of the project by development of the modules that are not part of the standard product configuration. As part of the activities on this task, ProSyst will provide a basictraining on OSGi technology for the consortium’s developers in order to align the bottom-line for successful integration of all WFM components. Furthermore, the data aggregation module will be developed, which builds on OSGI modules to capture the sensor measurements and the results of situation awareness, the risks of the robots, and all components. This module will provide algorithms to efficient correlate the data and provide them for further actions to all other system modules, i.e. The AR, the UI for the user alerting, the robot control units for reaction etc.

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