Final assembly & customization of drive systems and control boxes

Final assembly & customization of drive systems and control boxes

LOGICDATA is an innovation leader and the leading supplier in the field of motor controls, operating elements and actuator elements for electronically adjustable furniture. One of the challenges in their production process is that they have high volume products, but with various customization possibilities for our customers. This leads to many different product versions, based on only a few basic versions. The basic versions are produced in high volumes on specific production lines and then manually finalized before packing. The final assembly and customization includes:

  • final housings assembly
  • adding customer specific parts and labels
  • flashing customized software 

In this experiment we tested the applicability of the ReconCell system for final assembly & customization of drive systems.

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Country: AT
Address: Wirtschaftspark 18, Deutschlandsberg 8530
Demonstration level: Level 6 - System or sub-system model or prototype demonstrated in a relevant environment

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Final assembly & customization of drive systems and control boxes
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