Plug-and-produce technologies for highly adaptive production systems

Plug-and-produce technologies for highly adaptive production systems

The layout for the actuator assembly has been modified to optimize the flow of the parts through CESA´s assembly area and facilitate the automation of the assembly operations by using  mechatronic objects. CESA use case will be implemented by DGH with the support of Tecnalia and TUT, in order to automate a manual assembly operation by using ReCaM flexible tools.  The introduction of automation in CESA processes will facilitate the optimization in the certified workers assignments increasing productivity, as well as the traceability of the assembly operations.  Additional benefits in the process will be analyzed after the testing in CESA installations. 


Exploitation during project: Implemented during demonstration (CESA) Integration of ReCAM concept with real industry requirements. Adaptation to this innovative structure. It is mainly focus on Robot flexibility and safety systems (DGH) Exploitation after project: Possibilities to extended to other assemblies. Oportunities detected (CESA) DGH will exploit results in their further system installations. They have client asking for this kind of solutions (DGH)

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Demonstration level: Level 3 - Analytical and experimental function and/or characteristic proof of concept
Comment: Level 6 will be reached by the end of ReCaM
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    Comment: robot can be used for the assembly of: power tools electronics appliances suitable for system integrators as well as component providers.