Cloud-based simulation of high-temperature concentric chimneys

The reduction of emissions requires optimized design of chimneys, and simulation activities will play an important role in the design of new chimneys. If the chimney is not properly designed, not enough oxygen will reach the furnace and the combustion will be inefficient. Since there are many variables involved in the optimization of the design of a chimney and physical testing is not feasible on the grounds of cost and time, high performance computing (HPC) is required to find the optimal design. Furthermore, the need for computational capacity might be variable, with high yet sporadic demands. HPC cloud offers fast response and the required number of resources for each case. Before this experiment, DINAK required approximately a month of work for the design and testing processes of a new chimney. With a reliable simulation application, DINAK can reduce the whole process down to one week. The use of the simulation can be handled by only one engineer and will avoid the use of prototypes and trial phases, saving both time and personnel. This will realise a saving of 50.000€ per year. The Fortissimo infrastructure together with the development of the WP505 experiment will allow DINAK to improve chimney design and gain comprehension and insight for each case. With the simulation model developed in the experiment, DINAK will be able to conduct analysis sufficient to optimize the design of the concentric chimneys.
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Country: SPAIN