LASHARE | Sharing laser expertise for the benefit of European manufacturing SME's and European equipment manufacturers.


LASHARE is the acronym of a European project involving more than 30 SMEs from across Europe, partners from industry and six of the most renowned laser research institutes. Main objective is to share knowledge on laser based equipment and its use addressing the whole value chain end to end. As a key success factor for European manufacturing the transfer of innovative solutions from the laboratory into industrially robust products and the dissemination of its use stands at the heart of the project.

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Start date: 01-09-2013
End date: 30-11-2018
Total budget - Public funding: 14 793 346,00 Euro - 11 200 000,00 Euro
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LASHARE will develop a robust assessment framework for innovative laser equipment paving the way for new manufacturing applications. It will carry out a large number of assessment experiments for a variety of laser equipment targeting strategic manufacturing areas for Europe.The Laser Equipment Assessment (LEA) will be carried out by a trio of research/supplier/user partners. Each LEA will define requirements and metrics for development / improvement and perform validation in a production like environment. The LEAs will aid innovative laser equipment and new processes/applications to get into the market by accelerating the transition from lab-proven or prototype to real manufacturing applications. The LEAs will also facilitate the transferability of technology to additional applications and markets and will be based on an established metric for the evaluation of Technology Readiness Levels.LASHARE brings together the know-how and resources of 6 of the EU's most renowned laser research centres along with equipment suppliers and industrial users. 14 LEAs are included at project start and 14 additional LEAs have been added through a competitive call. LASHARE will focus on SMEs enabling them to create new products to benefit European industry. In total, more than 50 SME partners will benefit from FP7-FOF support, expertise from research centres, and the direct collaboration with industrial users that will create trust and thrust for adoption.Competence Centres will be key for dissemination of information and best practices, promoting use of laser equipment and expansion of results to other application sectors. They will provide advice, support and training targeting SME and industry suppliers and users.The benefit of LASHARE will be• accelerated introduction of innovative European laser equipment in strategic manufacturing lines• strengthened competitive position of European SME laser suppliers (new markets), and industrial users (increased manufacturing efficiency)



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