ICT Powered Machining Software Suite

The advances in the Information and Communication Technologies are revolutionizing our everyday life. However, the manufacturing industry does not yet take complete advantage of this huge potential. Using the latest ICT developments, MC-SUITE project wants to boost the productivity of manufacturing industry. On the one hand, machining process modelling empowered by High Performance Computing technologies allows simulating precisely the cutting process including force and surface quality. On the other hand, monitoring of the machine empowered by Big Data and Cloud technologies allows analysing the real process including vibration and process instability issues. Bridging the gap between virtual and real worlds, correlations of the simulated and monitored cutting process will allow optimizing both simulation and machining performances.In agreement with the work programme, the combination of manufacturing technologies and ICT is at the core of the construction of this consortium. The project will complement science with innovation to propose new software frameworks which can collect information from multi-monitoring devices as turnkey technologies to improve the machining process. MC-SUITE will produce multiple impacts in the European industry, reflecting the trans-disciplinary nature of the project. The participation of industrial partners, both SMEs and large companies from ICT and industrial sectors, will ensure that the project will directly impact on wide range of industries such as metal part manufacturing, Computer-Aided Manufacturing software, machine tool industry. MC-SUITE project has the opportunity to produce a new breakthrough in the productivity of the European manufacturing industry.
More information
Web resources: http://www.mc-suite.eu/
Start date: 10-01-2015
End date: 30-09-2018
Total budget - Public funding: 3 995 155,00 Euro - 3 995 155,00 Euro
Call topic: ICT-enabled modelling, simulation, analytics and forecasting technologies (FoF.ICT.2015.08.a_R&I)