Wireless Autonomous, Reliable and Resilient ProductIon Operation ARchitecture for Cognitive Manufacturing


Current practice is such that a production system is designed and optimized to execute the exact same process over and over again. The planning and control of production systems has become increasingly complex regarding flexibility and productivity, as well as the decreasing predictability of processes. The full potential of open CPS has yet to be fully realized in the context of cognitive autonomous production systems. SMEs face additional challenges to the implementation of

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Website: http://www.autoware-eu.org/
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 01-10-2016
End date: 30-09-2019
Number of participants: 14
Total budget - EC contribution: 4096313 Euro - 4096313 Euro
Call topic: Digital Automation - Novel architectures for factory automation based on CPS and IoT (FoF.2016.11-ii)
Instrument: Collaborative project (generic)

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