Wireless Autonomous, Reliable and Resilient ProductIon Operation ARchitecture for Cognitive Manufacturing


AUTOWARE will establish and push forward an open CPPS ecosystem, allowing SMEs to access all the different components in order to develop digital automation cognitive solutions for their manufacturing processes. AUTOWARE will connect several initiatives for strengthening the European SME offer on cognitive autonomous products and leveraging cognitive autonomous production processes and equipment towards manufacturing SMEs.

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Current practice is such that a production system is designed and optimized to execute the exact same process over and over again. The planning and control of production systems has become increasingly complex regarding flexibility and productivity, as well as the decreasing predictability of processes. The full potential of open CPS has yet to be fully realized in the context of cognitive autonomous production systems. SMEs face additional challenges to the implementation of “cloudified” automation processes. While the building blocks for digital automation are available, it is up to the SMEs to align, connect and integrate them together to meet the needs of their individual advanced manufacturing processes. Moreover, SMEs face difficulties to make decisions on strategic automation investments that will boost their business strategy. AUTOWARE objective is to build three distinct pillars to form a multi-sided ecosystem. (1) From the BeinCPPS, leverage a reference architecture (fully aligned with CRYSTAL and EMC2 CPS design practices and ARROWHEAD cloudification approach) across I4MS competence domains (cloud,CPPS, robotics), acting as a glue that will attract potential users and developers to a friendly ecosystem for business development, more efficient service development over harmonized architectures (smart machine, cloudified control, cognitive planning- app-ized operation). (2) To leverage a number of SME enablers; e.g. augmented virtuality, reliable wireless communications, CPPS trusted auto-configuration, smart data distribution and cognitive planning to ease cognitive autonomous systems. Finally, to leverage digital automation investments. AUTOWARE brings together the best of breed ARTEMISIA/ECSEL platforms, I4MS innovation, SAFIR business platforms and neutral experimental sites (robotics & process). AUTOWARE assets will be evaluated in two industrial pilots, PWR and SCM, and will offer well established industry and start-ups new business opportunities.



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Skills, training, new job profiles
Increasing human achievements in manufacturing systems

      The concept of fully automated production systems is no longer a viable vision. High reactivity, agility and adaptability that is required by modern production systems, can only be reached by human operators with their immense cognitive capabilities. New concepts are required, that apply these cognitive principles to support autonomy in the planning processes and control systems of production systems.

      Comment: To guarantee a usable and intuitive access for SMEs to several European initiatives and platforms that are developing digitalization solutions for manufacturing companies in different areas: robotic solutions, cloudification manufacturing initiatives, CPS platforms implementation, reconfigurable cells, etc..

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Field Device Work station Enterprise - Factory Connected Enterprises - Factories
Design/development Integration/ configuration of manufacturing systems Use-phase of manufacturing system (producing products) Production of product

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Cybersecurity IoT enabled SCADA, MOM-MES, ERP (…) connectivity Off-line Digital Manufacturing Process Optimisation on facto...
Off-line Digital Manufacturing Process Optimisation on machi... Platform enabled optimisation Realtime optimisation

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Interoperability (ICT) Connectivity & network interoperability – communication prot... Wireless communication protocols Cybersecurity Resilience
Field Device Work station Enterprise - Factory Connected Enterprises - Factories OPC-UA
    Comment: Wireless resilient communications (5G & Wirelesshart).

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Business model aspects of digital platform deployment

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Standards IEC 20922 (MQTT)