Wireless Autonomous, Reliable and Resilient ProductIon Operation ARchitecture for Cognitive Manufacturing


AUTOWARE will establish and push forward an open CPPS ecosystem, allowing SMEs to access all the different components in order to develop digital automation cognitive solutions for their manufacturing processes. AUTOWARE will connect several initiatives for strengthening the European SME offer on cognitive autonomous products and leveraging cognitive autonomous production processes and equipment towards manufacturing SMEs.

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      The concept of fully automated production systems is no longer a viable vision. High reactivity, agility and adaptability that is required by modern production systems, can only be reached by human operators with their immense cognitive capabilities. New concepts are required, that apply these cognitive principles to support autonomy in the planning processes and control systems of production systems.

      Comment: To guarantee a usable and intuitive access for SMEs to several European initiatives and platforms that are developing digitalization solutions for manufacturing companies in different areas: robotic solutions, cloudification manufacturing initiatives, CPS platforms implementation, reconfigurable cells, etc..

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    Comment: CPPS validation & verification (CPPS cloudified control performance simulation). Open trusted CPPS
    Comment: Wireless resilient communications (5G & Wirelesshart).

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