Industrial scenarios for connected factories

Industrial scenarios for connected factories

ConnectedFactories explores pathways to the digital integration and interoperability of manufacturing systems and processes and the benefits this will bring.
ConnectedFactories enhances the awareness among companies of the use of digital technologies in the manufacturing sector, and equip them with knowledge to make informed decisions regarding technology and business model choices.

Get to know more about the ConnectedFactories work and

  • explore pathways to digital manufacturing
  • learn more about key enablers and cross-cutting factors that need to be addressed in order to progress on the pathways
  • be inspired by industrial and research cases and share your experience and cases
  • engage with stakeholders at European, national and regional level

Check out this video for a basic introduction into the pathways on

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Duration: 36 months
Start date: 01-09-2016
End date: 31-08-2019
Number of participants: 16
Total budget - Public funding: 1 919 391,00 Euro - 1 919 391,00 Euro
Call topic: Digital Automation - Novel architectures for factory automation based on CPS and IoT - Collaborative manufacturing and logistics (FoF.2016.11)
Instrument: Coordinating and support action

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