Distributed control and simulAtion platform to support an Ecosystem of DigitAL aUtomation developerS


Daedalus is conceived to enable the full exploitation of the CPS (Cyber Physical System) concept of virtualized intelligence, through the adoption of a completely distributed automation platform based on IEC 61499 standard, fostering the creation of a Digital Ecosystem that could go beyond the current limits of manufacturing control systems and propose an ever-growing market of innovative solutions for the design, engineering, production and maintenance of plants’ automation.

Daedalus proposes the deployment of an Automation Ecosystem for a multi-sided market based on a new generation of distributed intelligent devices (CPS) that, existing both in the real and in the cyber (simulated) world, can be aggregated, orchestrated and re-configured to exhibit complex manufacturing behaviours that optimize the performance of future shop floor. The initiative focuses on key topics for the competitiveness of Europe and its companies, encompassing a variety of interdisciplinary tasks with the objective of deploying a digital platform and multi-sided ecosystem for the industrial automation domain.

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Economic sustainability Flexibility Circular economy Social sustainability Increasing human achievements in manufacturing systems Occupational safety and health
Environmental sustainability Reducing the consumption of energy, while increasing the usa... Reducing the consumption of water and other process resource... Material efficiency Skills, training, new job profiles

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Domain 2: Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems

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Mechatronics Control technologies Intelligent machinery components, actuators and end-effectors ICT solutions for modelling and simulation tools Virtual models spanning all levels of the factory life and i...
Engineering tools Data processing Cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies - ma... Programming Languages Programming Frameworks – Software Development Kits (SDKs)

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Manufacturing system levels Field Device Work station Enterprise - Factory
Manufacturing system life-cycle stages Design/development Integration/ configuration of manufacturing systems Use-phase of manufacturing system (producing products)

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Cybersecurity Connected IT and OT IoT enabled SCADA, MOM-MES, ERP (…) connectivity
Off-line optimisation Off-line Digital Manufacturing Process Optimisation on facto... Platform enabled optimisation

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Interoperability (ICT) Semantic/information interoperability Connectivity & network interoperability – communication prot... Web-services / Composability Performance characteristics Real-time communication capability Cybersecurity Scalability Field Device
Work station Enterprise - Factory AAA - Access, Authorisation and Authentication User Acccess and Rights Management Application level interoperability Modular Design and Deployment Approaches Open APIs and Communication Protocols Integration level interoperability APIs and Integration Protocols
    Comment: Strong attention will be given to augmenting the auto-binding and auto-configuration functionalities of the IEC-61499 technology with specific security-related mechanisms
    Comment: The whole concept of “orchestrated distributed automation” enabled by IEC-61499 has been structure to sustain scalability, also in face of big data elaboration issues.

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Added Value Business model aspects of digital platform deployment Business ecosystems associated to digital platforms
Target clients Other eco-system aspects
      Comment: DAEDALUS unleashes the (already existing) potentialities of the automation market to become multi-sided. All core market stakeholders are impacted, either directly or indirectly (plant operators/owners). A new generation of “Automation SW developers” may grow, thank to the abstraction layers of the technology. Automation players interested in using the technology will have access to the showcase to understand its potentialities and learn the methodologies.

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IEC 61499