Factory Automation Edge Computing Operating System Reference Implementation


Despite the proclaimed benefits (i.e. scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness) of Future Internet (FI) technologies (i.e. edge & cloud computing, IoT/CPS) for factory automation, their adoption from manufacturers remains low for various reasons, including technology issues (e.g., poor situation awareness, limited deployments, no standards-based reference implementations) and the lack of a smooth migration path from legacy systems.

FAR-EDGE is a joint effort of leading experts in manufacturing, industrial automation and FI technologies towards the smooth and wider adoption of virtualized factory automation solutions based on FI technologies. It will research a novel factory automation platform based on edge computing architectures and IoT/CPS technologies. FAR-EDGE will provide a reference implementation of emerging standards-based solutions for industrial automation, along with simulation services for validating automation architectures and production scheduling scenarios.

FAR-EDGE will lower the barriers for manufacturers to move towards Industrie 4.0, as a means of facilitating mass-customization and reshoring. Emphasis will be paid in the study of migration options from legacy centralized architectures, to emerging FAR-EDGE based ones.

FAR-EDGE will be validated in real-life plants (VOLVO, WHIRLPOOL) in the scope of user-driven scenarios (business-cases) for mass-customization and reshoring, where tangible improvements relating to reliability, productivity increase, quality cost, reduction in adaptation effort/costs will be measured and evaluated. Also, a wide range of migration scenarios will be evaluated in the scope of a CPS manufacturing testbed. FAR-EDGE will also establish a unique ecosystem for FI factory automation solutions, which will bring together the FoF and FI communities and will ensure sustainability of FAR-EDGE results.

More information
Website: http://www.faredge.eu
Duration: 36 months
Start date: 01-10-2016
End date: 30-09-2019
Number of participants: 12
Total budget - EC contribution: 4490194 Euro - 3992631 Euro
Call topic: Digital Automation - Novel architectures for factory automation based on CPS and IoT (FoF.2016.11-ii)
Instrument: Collaborative project (generic)

Challenges - (5)  

  1. Manufacturing the products of the future

    1. Customised products

  2. Economic sustainability

    1. Realising reconfigurable, adaptive and evolving factories capable of small scale production

    2. High performance production, combining flexibility, productivity, precision and zero-defect while remaining energy-efficient

Technologies and enablers - (7)  

  1. Information and communication technologies

    1. IoT - ICT solutions for factory floor and physical world inclusion

    2. ICT solutions for next generation data storage and information mining

    3. ICT solutions for modelling and simulation tools

    4. Collaborative and decentralized application architectures and development tools

  2. Standards

    1. ICT standards

Applications - (No information available)  

Research priorities - (8)  

  1. Domain 2: Adaptive and smart manufacturing systems

    1. Sub-Domain 2.2 Dynamic Production systems and Factories

      1. RP 2.11 Dynamic Manufacturing Execution Environments for their Smarter Integration into dynamic and agile factories

      2. RP 2.13 M2M cloud connectivity for future manufacturing enterprises

      3. RP 2.15 Mass customisation and integration of real-world resources

  2. Domain 3: Digital, virtual and resource-efficient factories

    1. RP 3.1 Integrated factory models for evolvable manufacturing systems

    2. RP 3.5 Multi-level simulation and analytics for improving production quality and throughput

Diverse - (No information available)