Protocols and Strategies for extending the useful Life of major capital investments and Large Industrial Equipment


Europe is still lacking an efficient systemic multi-level approach that enables a recursive, cost-effective, holistic and integrated application of circular principles to the digital uplifting of factory 4.0 capital investments; addressing issues at product, process, system as well as the entire value-chain levels, integrating best practices from emerging enabling digital technologies and avoid a two speed digital transformation across industries in different sectors.

LEVEL-UP will offer a scalable platform covering the overall lifecycle, ranging from the digital twins setup, modernisation actions to diagnose and predict the operation of physical assets, to the refurbishment and remanufacturing activities towards end of life. In-situ repair technologies and the redesign for new upgraded components will be facilitated through virtual simulations for increased performance and lifetime.

LEVEL-UP will therefore comprise new hardware and software components interfaced with the current facilities through IoT and data-management platforms, while being orchestrated through eight (8) scalable strategies at component, work-station and shopfloor level. The actions for modernising, upgrading, refurbishing, remanufacturing, and recycling will be structured and formalised into ten (10) special Protocols, linked with an Industrial Digital Thread weaving a seamless digital integration with all actors in the value chain for improved future iterations.

LEVEL-UP will be demonstrated in 7 demo sites from different sectors.

The impact of LEVEL-UP to the European manufacturing industry, but also the society itself, can be summarised in the following (with a horizon of 4 years after project ends):

  1. increase of the material and re-source efficiency by 11.5%,
  2. increased reliability by 16% of the equipment in an extended lifetime by 20%,
  3. over 50% increase of the Return on Investment (ROI),
  4. about 810 new jobs created and
  5. over 80M EUR ROI for the consortium.
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Start date: 01-10-2019
End date: 30-09-2023
Total budget - Public funding: 17 039 855,00 Euro - 14 027 950,00 Euro
Call topic: Refurbishment and re-manufacturing of large industrial equipment (IA) (DT-FOF-06-2019)
Twitter: @levelup_eu
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