Global-leading smart manufacturing through digital platforms, cross-cutting factors and skilled workforce


The ConnectedFactories II CSA focuses on the following targets and activities:

  1. Supporting a common and structured understanding of key enablers and cross-cutting factors with regard to the deployment of digital technologies, including digital platforms, for manufacturing, serving both as generic guidance, as well as for providing a mapping/analysis framework for use-cases,
  2. Identifying pathways to the industrial take-up of digital technologies and digital platforms by taking into account legacy systems, industrial requirements and challenges,
  3. Situating inspiring research and industrial state-of-the-art cases on these pathways and show how key enablers and cross-cutting factors are addressed along these pathways,
  4. Stimulating the matching of skills transfer offering with skills demand across Europe,
  5. Engaging with the research and industrial actors in both European and local fora: manufacturing companies, suppliers, etc., and herewith make sure that requirements and boundary conditions are reflected in the pathways to digitalisation of manufacturing, the use cases, the key enablers and cross-cutting factors,
  6. Generating a broad awareness about the key enablers and cross-cutting factors, pathways and inspiring cases. - The objectives of the ConnectedFactories II CSA and the associated activities will build on the results and the methodology of the ongoing ConnectedFactories CSA (concluding in August 2019).
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Start date: 01-12-2019
End date: 30-11-2022
Total budget - Public funding: 1 984 131,00 Euro - 1 984 131,00 Euro
Call topic: Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories_2 (DT-ICT-07-2019)
Twitter: @C_Factories

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Global-leading smart manufacturing through digital platforms, cross-cutting factors and skilled workforce
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Giulia Artibani
17/05/21 - 08:29
ConnectedFactories digital information pack - edition 1

Have a look at the first edition of the ConnectedFactories digital information pack - here!

It is a short sum-up of the last public events, deliverables and call for cases. Feel free to share it among your community!

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Chris Decubber
11/02/21 - 09:24
ConnectedFactories Cybersecurity Workshop - presentation and recordings are available

The ConnectedFactories Cybersecurity workshop took place on the 20 January 2020.  Presentation and recordings are available here:

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Giulia Artibani
01/12/20 - 14:01
Registration is now open - Cybersecurity workshop: 20 January 2020

We kindly invite you to register for the Cybersecurity workshop on the 20 January 2020 organised by ConnectedFactories 2.

                                              Register here and download the agenda

The online workshop will provide an insight into the recent developments of projects that focus on cybersecurity in manufacturing:  SeCoIIA and COLLABS project. 

It will also provide an insight into how cybersecurity aspects are addressed in other projects that focus on the digitalisation of manufacturing and the deployment of digital platforms (see ).     

Have a look also at the presentation on CyberSecurity Related Standards by Ulrich Seldeslachts, LSEC (recording & presentation) from the recent ConnectedFactories Webinar on Standards for digital manufacturing.


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08/06/2021 09:25:09 - ConnectedFactories -@C_Factories
The Digital Transformation Cases Catalogue is now launched! 👉 It brings together inspiring use cases and demonstrators! 🧐Have a look at it -[URL] [Go to tweet]

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