Digital intelligence for collaborative ENergy management in Manufacturing


DENiM develops an interoperable digital intelligence platform enabling a collaborative approach to industrial energy management. DENiM provides an integrated toolchain to provision advanced digital services including secure edge connectivity leveraging IoT, data analytics, digital twin, energy modelling and automation culminating in the delivery of continuous energy impact assessment, together with energy control and optimisation across existing production facilities, processes and machines.

DENiM identifies skills gaps and develops training to build competences to support energy sustainability in smart manufacturing processes through the seamless integration of digital technologies, education and training activities. In view of considering the human factor, DENiM will consider existing and future regulations from a data protection, legal, ethical and energy policy perspectives, which informs the DENiM technological developments and pilot site interventions. In essence, DENiM accelerates energy efficiency transformation in manufacturing systems by enabling the right information and right technology to be available at the right time and in the right form, made accessible to the right people, empowering smart energy efficient decision-making within factories and across entire value chains.

DENiM leverages the concept of process integration, taking a holistic approach to energy efficient manufacturing systems management and considers the interactions between the business, technology, infrastructure, and the workforce through the use of engineered systems that integrate both operational technologies and information technologies to accurately identify and map energy flows across the complete manufacturing value chain facilitating the integration of energy efficiency into existing business processes through digitalisation. This will result in a significant reduction of energy across diverse industrial sectors with substantial cost savings derived from optimised operation

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Start date: 01-11-2020
End date: 31-10-2024
Total budget - Public funding: 11 007 262,00 Euro - 9 685 107,00 Euro
Call topic: Energy-efficient manufacturing system management (IA) (DT-FOF-09-2020)
Twitter: @DENiM_fof
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Digital intelligence for collaborative ENergy management in Manufacturing
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Alan McGibney
20/09/21 - 09:02
Pathways to Energy Efficient Manufacturing workshop at Sustainable Places 2021

On the 28th of September, the DENiM team will lead a virtual cross project collaboration involving four H2020 projects funded under the FoF-09-2020 programme (DENiM, EnerMan, Ecofact & ECO2MATION) as part of the sustainable places conference taking place between 28th Sept – Oct 1st in Rome (Physical & Virtually)

The virtual workshop will take place on the 28th Sept 15:30 CET, please attend to join the community and share your views and experience through interactive sessions to help industry define clear pathways to achieve energy efficient manufacturing. 

The workshop is free but registration is required, here is the invitation link, this will require you to create a profile on the conference platform (how to article here) 


  • Introduction
  • Project Overview & Challenge Perspective
    • DENiM
  • Interactive/Virtual White Boarding session
    • Review/capture synergies across projects (Miro activity)
    • Round table discussion on barriers, challenges and opportunities covering (Miro activity)
    • Pathway Setting: Rank opportunities/next steps as to where industry needs to go to continue to address the energy efficiency (Miro activity)


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25/11/2021 13:55:27 - DENiM project -@DENiM_fof
Yesterday @DENiM_fof was at the first of the 3 annual standardisation workshops organised by @EnerManH2020. On the project, the ongoing energy audit standards analysis activities were presented! #energyefficiency #h2020energy #H2020 #EUProjects

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