FAGOR Zero-Defects Manufacturing Digital Press Machine

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Autonomous Smart Factories Pathway

FAGOR ARRASATE as a leading manufacturer of forming machines it is obliged to proactive participate in projects like QU4LITY and led solutions to the customers to improve the availability, performance and quality of their installations and get an optimum cost per part ratio.

FAGOR ARRASATE has a long experience in delivering press machines as well as providing the building blocks of such lines. A press machine is the product par excellence of FAGOR ARRASATE. A typical press machine is composed by two rigid platforms (head and base), a bed, a ram, and a mechanism as well as all the other surrounding components that guarantee the full automation and process control.

Historically, machine tool manufacturers have not had any information of the machine behaviour once they were working at the customer facilities. Maintenance actions by the machine tool supplier, where mainly started by a customer’s call and where mainly related to corrective actions, once the failure had already happened.

Currently many condition issues on the machine are detected afterwards, they appear when a quality matter is detected on the forming parts or a machine component is damaged, causing even machine stoppage.  These problems are fixed by machine adjustment or changing programs or forming process parameters.

Consequently, the only way to avoid future problems is by preventive maintenance or machine adjustment actions. These are carried out either by the machine owner itself or external services which are sometimes delivered by FAGOR ARRASATE.

In QUALITY project, FAGOR ARRASATE will equip a press machine with a SMART CONNECT technology that provides data from the machine, to the owner and to the machine supplier. Within the context of Zero-Defect Manufacturing, FAGOR ARRASATE will develops Smart solutions that will anticipate and avoid failures, reduce downtimes and assure quality.

It has a great complexity from the point of view of the acquisition, measurement and transmission of the parameters and variables. The result that would be obtained from the QU4LITY project, would allow the customers of FAGOR ARRASATE to have total control of a zero defects manufacturing process at machine level and to know at any time how and under which conditions all the parts have been manufactured.

Connected IT and OT

For many years, and in the context of INDUSTRY 4.0, FAGOR ARRASATE is working together with IKERLAN  in smart platform for press machines and industrial processes. The platform goes from the sensitization of the machine’s critical elements to the remote monitoring of press conditions. The platform focuses on improvement of asset management and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and allows FAGOR ARRASATE to increase quality of service for their clients.

Off-line optimisation

FAGOR FA-Link MAP (Fagor Arrasate Link MAchine Platform) is a platform developed by FAGOR ARRASATE in collaboration with IKERLAN. This platform uses cutting edge technologies for big data processing and visualization.  This platform inputs the data from the press machine using the FAGOR (Data-Adquisition System) and provides to the different stakeholders an UI with a set of views to monitor and analyze the press machine performance. The UI is customizable by the end user and the data to be shown is manually configured as different views and alarms in FA-LINK visualization UI.

FAGOR’s monitoring platform, FA-Link machine platform, is being extended with tools focused on ZDM in this pilot and in the related packages of ...

  • Off-line Digital Manufacturing Process Optimisation on factory level


    FAGOR’s monitoring platform, FA-Link machine platform, is being extended with tools focused on ZDM in this pilot and in the related packages of QU4LITY.

    FA-Link is composed by two systems, the former that is executed in the manufacturing plant (on premise) and the latter that is executed in the cloud. The data captured in plant via on premise (local view), is uploaded and aggregated in the cloud part (global view).

  • Off-line Digital Manufacturing Process Optimisation on machine level

    The on-premise system is responsible of capturing the data from the different sensors and upload such information to the cloud. This task is performed by a software called FAGOR-DAS. Through FAGOR-DAS, data published by the sensors via PLCs using industrial protocols, such as OPC-UA, are sampled.  After this data is gathered, it is analysed and compacted locally (Edge computing). Such data can be visualized via a tool called Visual Stamp (local view of the manufacturing line). The same data is prepared to be sent to the cloud infrastructure.

  • Platform enabled optimisation

    FAGOR’s monitoring platform, FA-Link machine platform, is being extended with tools focused on ZDM in this pilot and in the related packages of QU4LITY.

Realtime optimisation

Solutions, methodologies, and tools that are being developed within different work packages of QU4LITY are being applied to this pilot in the task T7.2 of WP7. As is shown in the figure, different components of the FAGOR platform such as FA-LINK, IKCLOUD+ and IKSEC+ are being extended focusing in ZDM of press machines. FA-LINK platform has been completed with the following components:

  • ETL@FA-LINK is responsible to extract transform and load the data. Additionally to the sensor data, and with ZDM on mind, contextual data is also collected by the platform. This component prepares the data for the AI training process. This component is composed by an extended version of iKCloud that is being designed in WP ...