Embedded Skill Executor and self-adaptation core

Software prototype: embedded skill executor and self-adaptation core. This deliverable will provide SoC/FPGA service wrappers and the Skill Executor, to allow low level embedded control functionality to be called and configured via the service bus of the openMOS system architecture. CODESYS will be used as base platform for the Skill Executor implementation as it is a widely used platform for soft-PLC development. The intention is to keep the same basic interface to define the control behaviour of individual skills. This capability will be extended by allowing dynamic refinement of interlocking between components through event and control flow reconfiguration. Also, each device will have its own embedded extended self-awareness capabilities. Self-awareness will be based on an extended range of sensors such as energy meters, temperature senses, etc. which will be linked to model learning algorithm to continuously improve the known models of the device state. This information together with critical events will be communicated up to the cyber-physical agent system via a service bus. A preliminary version will be developed for M12.
Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components
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