Open plug&produce device adaptor prototype

Software deliverable with the prototype implementation of the openMOS plug&produce device adapter. The adapter will implement the following capabilities:
? Automatic discovery: as soon as the device is plugged into the system, it will be recognised by the system. Simple plug&produce devices would use identification with technologies like RFID that have a small level of complexity and can support even passive storage and transmission of information. Additionally a RFID interface for work piece tracking in pallet based transportation system will synchronise with the Product Agent (WP3))
? Self-description: each device would have embedded information about the capabilities that it has, skills that it can per-form, data that it gathers, and different analysis that it does. All these are subject to the level of complexity that a plug&produce device has.
? Energy efficiency capabilities (WP4): Intelligent devices would have the capability to analyse their own performance and continuously improve themselves.

A preliminary version will be developed for M9.
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Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components
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