Video - Digital Supply Chain Twin from Bosch

Video - Digital Supply Chain Twin from Bosch

In this video, we are going to show how the Machine Tool domain use case is launched and how it works. First, the Arrowhead Framework in a docker is started. After that, the data providers publish their services in the Arrowhead Framework and the monitorization of the machines in the plant is started. The digital twin of the machine also is working and internal processes data are also published in the same way as in the real machines. To finalize, the HMI of the solution is started. This HMI, is an Arrowhead Compliant consumer that consumes and integrates data published by the providers and shows in the same platform the data. In addition, using this data, IA based algorithms have been implemented and new Arrowhead compliant services such as Maintenance Service and Energy Consumption Services are published and shown.

Video - Digital Supply Chain Twin from Bosch
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