Reconfigurable assembly systems

  • Virtual commissioning radically reduces the time required to change and recommission a manufacturing system, but the scope of possible change is bounded by the physical morphology of the system. FA3D2 uses a combination of highly flexible technologies to enable a huge possible scope of system reconfiguration.
  • Key to this is a module reconfigurable flooring system that allows fixturing, robots, and other manufacturing assets to be quickly moved and accurately located. Services are run under the flooring surface to keep the floor safe and level.
  • To compliment assets attached to the flooring system, automated ground vehicles are used for moving robots and metrology devices with even more flexibility, bring them to the locations required, as they are needed.
  • Lastly, FA3D2 uses robotics in combination with configurable fixturing systems to minimise or even eliminate the need for static jigs and fixture, allowing batch sizes down to one.
  • All these systems are integrated into the digital twin, allowing the manufacturing system to rapidly meet almost any large-scale assembly challenge.
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Country: GB
Address: Advanced Manufacturing Building, 522 Derby Rd, Lenton, Nottingham NG8 1BB

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Significant innovations and achievements
Lessons learned

    Proprietary Reconfigurable Flooring – A bespoke reconfigurable floor system is being installed that allows for fixtures and robots to be rapidly moved and securely and accurately fixed in place. A lack of a common or established standard in this area was noted.