Wastes Tracking Decentralized Application for Circular Economy


The lack of capability to track and trace assets and transactions throughout the entire supply chain is one of the critical challenges that the companies face towards the circular economy. This lack of traceability hinders companies from quickly adapting, planning, and managing their assets effectively and optimised.

A solution is needed to help companies track and trace their assets at every supply chain stage and increase supply chain visibility without significantly increasing operational costs.

In particular, for  EFPF project supports a circular scenario, from wastes to energy. The wastes producer sells its wastes to a waste management company which pre-process them and sell them again to a bioenergy company to produce energy. A part of this energy returns back to the first company that have produced the wastes as an outcome of its production processes. A track and trace mechanism for the exchanged wastes over this circular closed loop is needed.

EFPF provides a Blockchain-based mobile app available to the stakeholders of the transportation (i.e. drivers etc.) to enable a secure and trusted handshake between them. Furthermore, a web application based on blockchain enables adding permissions to drivers, vehicles etc. that participate in a transportation process, monitor the various stages of the transported waste and issue a digitally signed document related to waste’s transportation and handling. Both mobile and web apps share a common blockchain back end in logging transportation information in the same blockchain instance. Smart Contracts are used as a back-end part of the two DApps (web and mobile). Identity Smart Contracts, Supply Chain Smart Contracts, Logging Smart Contracts and Notification Smart Contracts are used. The combination of the two apps (mobile and web) provides a complete solution of wastes’ track and trace in a circular closed-loop and promotes full visibility of the processes.


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