BOREALIS Configurable AM head and Multi nozzle system

BOREALIS Configurable AM head and Multi nozzle system

An innovative deposition head equipped with independent nozzles and a shielding gas system for controlled atmosphere.

An advanced hybrid optical chain for delivering both the 3 kW CW laser source for DED process and the ultrashort pulsed laser beam for subtractive applications. A high speed 3D scanner head customized for high power and high accuracy processes allowing innovative and improved efficiency strategies for AM The scanner integrates a closed loop monitoring system composed by a ccd camera in the monochromatic spectral sensitivity. An innovative method to optimize shape and size of the melting pool.
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Country: IT
Address: Turin
Demonstration level: Level 6 - System or sub-system model or prototype demonstrated in a relevant environment
Comment: key partner from Swizerland