Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, re-configurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics


Advances in optoelectronics technologies is causing a revolution in consumer electronic goods, solar energy, communications, LED, industrial laser, and other fields. At present, the optoelectrical manufacturing is facing significant challenges in dealing with the evolution of the equipment, instrumentation and manufacturing processes they support. The industry is striving for higher customisation and individualisation, implying that systems configurations need to change more frequently and dynamically.
IQONIC will offer a scalable zero defect manufacturing platform covering the overall process chain of optoelectrical parts. IQONIC covers the design of new optoelectrical components and their optimised process chain, their assembly process, as well as their disassembly and reintroduction into the value chain. IQONIC will therefore comprise new hardware and software components interfaced with the current facilities through internet of things and data-management platforms, while being orchestrated through eight (8) scalable strategies at component, work-station and shopfloor level. The IQONIC technologies will be demonstrated in 4 demo sites covering a wide range of products and processes.

The impact of IQONIC to the European optoelectronics manufacturing industry, but also the society itself, can be summarised in the following (with a horizon of 4 years after project ends):

  1. increase of the in-service efficiency by 22%,
  2. (increased flexibility with 16% faster reconfiguration times,
  3. (10% reduction in production costs through recycled components and materials,
  4. improved designs for assembly and disassembly and,
  5. about 400 new jobs created and
  6. over 39 MEUR ROI for the consortium.

To do that we have brought together a total of seventeen (17) EU-based partners, representing both industry and academia, having ample experience in cutting-edge technologies and active presence in the EU photonics and manufacturing.

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Start date: 01-10-2018
End date: 31-03-2022
Total budget - Public funding: 7 997 968,00 Euro - 7 997 968,00 Euro
Call topic: Innovative manufacturing of opto-electrical parts (RIA) (DT-FOF-03-2018)
Twitter: @iQonic_project
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Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, re-configurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics
Latest news
Katerina Rossou
10/11/20 - 08:29
1st iQonic funded paper published by Brunel University London

We are happy to announce our first iQonic funded paper published by Brunel University London. The publication is a comprehensive review article that highlights the importance of automatic optical inspection in electronics industry.

The article is available in the following link.

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Nikos Makris
22/09/20 - 08:49
2nd Newsletter of iQonic

The 2nd newsletter of iQonic project has been published!

Click the link to find out information about iQonic Use Cases and key extracts from our recent participation at SPIE. Photonics West.  

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Nikos Makris
11/09/20 - 11:51

The 1st phase (M1-M18) of the iQonic project has just concluded with the 1st Review Meeting with the Project Officer and Monitor. After the collection of requirements, the identification of optoelectronic functionalities and the development of the HW and SW solutions that will compose the iQonic architecture for the zero-defect manufacturing of opto-electronic components, the main technologies and methodologies are now ready for the testing, validation and integration in relevant use-case scenarios.

In the first phase of the iQonic R&D activities, the needs and expectation of the consortium as well as of project’s stakeholders were closely observed and extracted from the project use-cases – ALPES LASER, PRIMA ELECTRO, FILAR OPTOMATERIALS and BRIGHTERWAVE. These results have been collected in a detailed list of technical and non-technical requirements and specifications. Moreover, optoelectronic functionalities for each use case, the generic development frameworks for the assembly processes and the data input and output points in the process chain were defined.

This enabled the development and laboratory testing of the iQonic HW and SW technologies, including the iQonic sensorial network, adaptive optics and electronic nose for evaluation of materials, smart grasping robotic for flexible handling and the Knowledge Based System. In parallel with technical development, a set of innovation management activities took place aiming to develop the roadmap to introduce the iQonic technology to the market, after the end of the project.

In the next months, these technologies will be integrated in the iQonic optoelectronics manufacturing architecture and together with the definition of defect detection and classification techniques – 3D imaging methodologies and smart tagging, defect severity evaluation and decision support systems (DSS), processes and tools for reuse or requalification – and defect management techniques – Predictive Maintenance functionalities: Cyber Physical System – CPS, end-of-life management, Reverse Supply Chain –  will pave the way towards zero-defect manufacturing of opto-electronics and photonics.

Eventually, starting from the project 2nd phase (M19-M30), iQonic solutions will be integrated and validated at the shop floor level in several demonstrators at iQonic end-users’ facilities. The full version of the press release can be found in iQonic website.

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