BOREALIS Machine : a new concept

BOREALIS Machine : a new concept

Redundant Cartesian ultra-light structure combining different technologies (deposition and ablation) in a single machine. The Borealis portal has been conceived with a cantilever structure, embracing a rototilt as working table.
Deposition head mounted on a large portal enables the reaching of working cubes ranging from 150x150 x150mm up to 4000x1500x750 mm. The machine presents 7 Degrees of Freedom.
The machine is equipped with a hybrid technology optical chain: a 3D laser scanner designed with 2 tilting DoFs and one linear adaptive collimator are connected to a beam combiner which supplied by two laser sources, respectively covering continuous power and pulsed power sources.The machine can reah 3kW with the laser source and an innovative optical chain that can be used for deposition and ablation.
The scanner integrates a closed loop monitoring system composed by a hyperspectral camera on-camera processing solution monitoring system composed by a hyperspectral camera on-camera processing solution. To provide more flexibility in terms of complexity and shape of the parts to be produced, 2 more DoFs are provided by a commercial roto-tilt table which will be part of the integrated machine. 


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Country: IT
Address: Turin
Demonstration level: Level 6 - System or sub-system model or prototype demonstrated in a relevant environment

    BOREALIS was born from the needs of those users that have started using additive manufacturing for small volumes production.

    The main needs Borealis answers are : Big dimensions of the component to be produced, High deposition rate, Efficiency of the production


    BOREALIS conributed to the work on AM standars, especially for machine based on Direct Energy Deposition technique and on the AM process for aeospace and motorsport parts.


    Metal parts, big sizes. Conceived for motorsport and aerospace, BOREALIS can be used for other appliacations both for manufacturing and reparing.

BOREALIS Machine : a new concept
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