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Added value - impact - value proposition

General desciption of Added value - impact - value proposition:

Added value can be understood as a process of increasing the perceived value of the product in the eyes of the consumers/customers. It is known as the value proposition. (Modified from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Added_value)

The tangible dimension of value refers to physical products.  The intangible dimension of value refer to qualities that can be valuable to the (end) customer, they can be: durability, ethicality, aesthetic appearance, usability or some other personal need or value. Services, by definition, are intangible (non-material)


Associated Results

In the deburring process, manual labor is reduced, resulting in improved ergonomic and safety conditions. Moreover, process variability is reduced while quality and productivity, increased. In the assembly process, training time has been reduced with the AR solution and access to centralized documentation is faster, with greater transparency and ease of use while its maintenance costs have been reduced.

Adaptation to human variation is boosted, reducing work requirements and worker’s physical demands without incrementing mental and cognitive workload. Additionally, safety and trust in collaborative workplaces are risen while improving usability and human satisfaction. Reconfigurability and flexibility are also improved, as well as efficiency due to the reduction of displacements.

The goals for this use case include assembly time reduction, minimization of errors, and increase of efficiency, productivity and quality. What is more, with AR training and learn-by-doing method adoption, productivity of newcomers is also increased. Finally, a full quality assurance approach and traceability for supervision is enabled.

Improved technician satisfaction has been noted, as well as reduced process times and improved process efficiency with reduced errors. Moreover, the assembly process has benefited from better ergonomics and shorter waste time.