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Added value - impact - value proposition

General desciption of Added value - impact - value proposition:

Added value can be understood as a process of increasing the perceived value of the product in the eyes of the consumers/customers. It is known as the value proposition. (Modified from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Added_value)

The tangible dimension of value refers to physical products.  The intangible dimension of value refer to qualities that can be valuable to the (end) customer, they can be: durability, ethicality, aesthetic appearance, usability or some other personal need or value. Services, by definition, are intangible (non-material)


Associated Results

The ARAG solution reduces the cognitive load, and increases the technician’s satisfaction, while the precise guidance assures optimality and correctness in task execution. Furthermore, with the proposed solution training time is minimized as well as inspection by experts, also reducing manufacturing times and maximizing resource utilization.

With the proposed solution, online training can be scheduled optimally, shortening training time. Moreover, training supports understanding and dealing with exceptional situations such as disturbances in production. Increased productivity and job satisfaction are expected, lowering the threshold of operators to start using the manufacturing line independently.

The method selection tool can also be used by non-experts as there is no need of vast know-how for the utilization of the offered tool. Therefore, the layman can easily select the right method out of a wide range. Codesign itself strengthens the companies as the workers can include their tacit knowledge into the workplace - or work process design and therefore have a higher commitment to their job once their ideas are implemented.

With the proposed solution, access to expert knowledge is granted to anyone who is registered to the platform. What is more, supervisors are able to assign training courses to specific technicians for improving their skills.

SoMeP emphasizes in improving collaboration and communication between technicians and promotes knowledge sharing, and practices. In the long-term SoMeP can be used both as a communication channel and information exchange hub, but also as a valuable knowledge repository as well as an educational system.

TDE offers the generation of optimized production plans while the waiting time for the high-priority tasks has been reduced. Moreover, workplace is more user-friendly, and supervisors have a detailed overview of the running and planned work.

The proposed solution aims at raising spirits at work, by helping employees recognize their strengths as well as their development needs. In the long term, the application can assist employees to develop their working habits.