Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs


L4MS (Logistics For Manufacturing SMEs) will spark incremental (productivity increase of new users by a factor of 4 and system setup time reduction by a factor of 10) and disruptive innovation (batch size one & consumerization) for over 100,000 European Manufacturing SMEs & Mid-Caps, building on their intra-factory logistics challenge (50% of the production cost of an item) unleashing their digitalization potential by powering new robot systems that are more cost effective at lower lot sizes.

L4MS relies upon:

  • An open industrial IoT platform with enablers for rapid and efficient deployment of customized logistics solutions
  • A suite of "Smartization services" including business modelling, technical support, mentoring, access to skills and to finance 

The L4MS Marketplace, a one-stop-shop, where European Manufacturing SMEs & Mid-Caps will access the L4MS services A portfolio of 23 cross-border Application Experiments by 50 SMEs selected through 2 competitive Open Calls, that will test more than 40 services & apps leveraging 10M of public funding across 12 established and emerging Digital Innovation Hubs. A growing ecosystem that will foster Smart Specialization in each single region linked to L4MS.  

L4MS will transform a pan-European ecosystem into a self-sustainable start-up operating an Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics (OPIL) and L4MS marketplace consisting of 21 members. Comprising 6 Competence Centres, 5 technology providers, 4 industry associations, 3 end-users and 3 business developers -currently engaged in I4MS (XS2I4MS, HORSE and BEinCPPS) and FIWARE- plus 6 Satellites Nodes.

L4MS covers 14 EU countries, 15 regions with 8 of them from East Europe. L4MS will help demonstrate that public funded research with a 'Smartization' approach (accelerating Industry 4.0) can help manufacturing SMEs & Mid-Caps achieve digital excellence and global competitiveness through logistics automation become 'entrepreneurial states' and digital industries.

More information
Web resources: http://www.l4ms.eu/
Start date: 01-10-2017
End date: 31-03-2021
Total budget - Public funding: 8 764 549,00 Euro - 8 764 549,00 Euro
Call topic: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) (FoF.2017.12)
Twitter: @L4MS_EU

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Innovation Action (IA)
Validation experiments - equipment assessments (I4MS)

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Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs
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09/06/2021 08:04:00 - L4MS -@L4MS_EU
Big thanks to our consortium & partners around Europe, our project has now ended! Our mission was to help 12 teams to create intralogistics solutions using IoT, Digital Twins & mobile robots -and we succeeded! Take a look at the results: [URL] [Go to tweet]


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