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Project: DIGICOR

Type: /

Updated at: 22-03-2021

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Comments result_rcn_EC admin deliverableType_EC admin Documents, reports Common digital platform used for tenders and bidding Digitalisation pathways Dynamic IT connections to new supply chain partners Hyperconnected

Volvo WebEDI


Updated at: 04-12-2019

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Comments Dynamic IT connections to new supply chain partners Digitalisation pathways Hyperconnected Factories Pathway Commercial sources Resource tags

Rootstock ERP: Pro-Tech


Updated at: 09-08-2019

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Comments ERP and SCM connected Digitalisation pathways Basic internal connectivity Hyperconnected Factories Pathway ERP-MOM systems connected Digitalisation pathways Connected IT and OT Autonomous Smart Factories

Plex Manufacturing Cloud: FloraCraft


Updated at: 08-08-2019

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Comments Hyperconnected Factories Pathway Forecasting of required capabilities Digitalisation pathways Dedicated IT connection to some supply chain partners Hyperconnected Factories Pathway High level planning